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02 Oct 2015

EAIE Glasgow 2015 in tweets

The 27th Annual EAIE Conference boasted the most social media activity in EAIE history. We went through the thousands of tweets and put some together to bring you the storyline of the conference discussions as they happened. If you weren’t there, you are bound to feel like you were part of the event while exploring… Read more »

30 Sep 2015

Relive moments from EAIE 2015 in Glasgow

It happens every year: the EAIE Conference goes by in a flash. Workshops, sessions and posters fill participants’ days, networking events fill their evenings and, like magic, the EAIE Conference universe that once immersed us all is suddenly gone. Luckily, the EAIE spends a lot of time and effort covering the week’s many highlights. Although only… Read more »

18 Sep 2015

You say goodbye Glasgow, and we say hello Liverpool!

What an eventful week this has been! Over 5000 international higher education professionals took over the Scottish city of Glasgow and made it even more bustling. Hundreds of activities took place, knowledge was shared, contacts were made, and our field became a little richer in the process. Today’s Closing Plenary and “Hello, Goodbye” Luncheon were… Read more »

18 Sep 2015

International students: cash cows or agents for change?

The European region continues to be a top study destination for international students. At the same time, European national economies are faced with an ongoing financial crisis that is putting pressure on funding for higher education. As the number of international students continues to increase and countries are faced with how to pay for the… Read more »

17 Sep 2015

Top tips for a successful conference proposal

The Annual EAIE Conference offers a fantastic occasion for learning more about the broad field of international higher education, but also for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. It is a place to start a dialogue with colleagues about the changes taking place in the field and how challenges can best be overcome. More than that, it can… Read more »

17 Sep 2015

Wake up and smell the future

It is day two of the EAIE Conference and, after yesterday’s plenary and many sessions, you probably felt like you had already heard your fair share of novel ideas. That is, of course, until this morning’s exhilarating Wake-up Plenary with e-learning entrepreneur and future-enthusiast Donald Clark. Some of the innovations that are exciting international educators… Read more »

16 Sep 2015

Welcome to Glasgow!

Over 5000 participants from more than 90 countries have arrived in Glasgow eager to start their EAIE Conference experience. Some already got a start to their week yesterday, with Campus tours, the first few sessions and the Newcomers’ Reception. Yet it wasn’t until this morning that everyone truly came together for the much-anticipated Opening Plenary… Read more »

15 Sep 2015

Multicultural competence in social and health care education

A practical placement – or workplace learning – is an essential part of social and health care higher education. Aside from placing domestic students, there is an increasing number of English-taught degree programmes in European higher education institutions (HEIs) that attract applicants from all over the world. In addition to degree students, a vast number… Read more »

15 Sep 2015

Destination marketing for the education sector

Destination marketing has long existed for the tourism industry with bureaus created to promote towns, cities or regions to potential visitors by articulating the values and competitive attributes of the area. But what about burgeoning education sectors? A key component of education marketing is the city, with the terminology ‘town and gown’ prevalent in the… Read more »

14 Sep 2015

The state of internationalisation in the UK

Aside from getting the latest updates in international higher education and enjoying the scenic beauty of Glasgow, many of you will make use of the EAIE Conference to visit current and prospective partner institutions. If so, it might be useful to understand trends and developments in the international higher education landscape of the UK prior to… Read more »