27 Mar 2017

Profiling the international marketing and recruitment professional

With fast-paced digital developments, policy changes, and increasing global competition, international student recruitment is rapidly evolving. To succeed in this competitive environment, deploying the right international marketing methods is crucial. In the spring of 2016, the EAIE surveyed professionals at European higher education institutions on the effectiveness of different methods. This infographic provides a glimpse into the findings of our brand new e-publication, Profiling the professional: International marketing and recruitment, being launched today at the EAIE Spotlight Seminar, International marketing strategy: find your market niche and climb to the top, taking place in Amsterdam.


This infographic is based on the first volume of the EAIE’s new e-publication series Profiling the professional which maps the role of international marketing and recruitment professionals at European higher education institutions. The findings are based on the answers furnished by 230 respondents from 24 European countries. In addition to marketing methods, the publication covers international marketing and recruitment in the institutional structure, strategy and targets, individual and institutional challenges, as well as future developments. Are you interested in learning more? Download the e-publication (free for EAIE members). 
Anna-Malin is Policy Officer at the EAIE.