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14 Feb 2018

Research digest for practitioners: February 2018

With the recent online publication of the February 2018 Journal of Studies in International Education it’s time for another post in the blog series that highlights relevant academic research. Authors in this issue explore the institutional and government rationales for recruiting international students, international student perceptions of their needs, institutional policies encouraging study abroad and… Read more »

15 Dec 2017

Start them young: primary school teachers should teach SDGs

While our Winter issue of Forum focuses much on how international higher education can make an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the final blog of Forum Week makes the case that we must start much earlier than university level. Implemented in 2015, we now have only 13 years to achieve Agenda 2030. Thus,… Read more »

14 Dec 2017

SDG 4: Europe’s efforts towards equitable education

Through Eurocentric lenses, one might get the impression that the UN’s 2030 Agenda targets only the Global South. However, this agenda universally targets the Global North as well, shifting the paradigm from donor to equal partner. This blog, as part of our Winter Forum Week series, depicts Europe’s current participation in the Sustainable Development Goals… Read more »

13 Dec 2017

Piecing together a strong partnership for sustainability

With a theme of ‘The Sustainability Development Goals’ for the Winter edition of Forum, this issue is simultaneously intimidating and inspiring. The current state of our society, our consumption and our climate are all at risk. At the same time, much is already being done to improve the wellbeing of humankind as well as earth’s… Read more »

12 Dec 2017

Sustainable Development Goals: your inspiration to make a change

What do no poverty, zero hunger, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, and quality education have in common? Along with twelve other key objectives, these issues feature among the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are laudable and, of course, important for the challenging times in which we live, but why should… Read more »

15 Nov 2017

Research digest for practitioners: November 2017

This month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topics from China and Korea to Germany and the UK. Articles focus in on many different aspects of policy making, among other topics, from governmental elite-making higher education policies to how policies construct international students as a marginalised population. The main aim of the research digest… Read more »

31 Oct 2017

The interplay between national policies and internationalisation

In Europe, national level policies influence internationalisation efforts at the institutional level. Of course, the level of influence is different according to national context, but overall there is a relationship between European national policy frameworks and international higher education development. For example, immigration policies, funding instruments, regulatory frameworks and national strategic plans shape how internationalisation… Read more »

21 Sep 2017

Research digest for practitioners: September 2017

It’s time for another Journal of Studies in International Education wrap-up. This issue addresses a range of topics from staff satisfaction and motivation in transnational education settings to an in-depth look at the results of an evaluation of a student mobility programme in South Korea, Japan, and China. The main aim of the research digest… Read more »

20 Jul 2017

Sexual harassment: an unspoken issue on campus

Sexual harassment is widely recognised as a violation of basic human rights. Complaints about sexual harassment or assault have been increasing in recent decades on university campuses around the world. Despite the grave nature of this offense and its prevalence, it is almost only discussed behind closed doors. In Forum Week’s final blog post on… Read more »

19 Jul 2017

Rethinking international students: reaching unity in diversity

There is no doubt that higher education (HE) has entered an era of change. It is widely believed that international students require special attention and support. However, recent trends, such as the world-wide massification of HE, the growing use of information technologies in teaching and ongoing globalisation of HE result in increasingly diverse student populations. Though… Read more »