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14 Dec 2017

SDG 4: Europe’s efforts towards equitable education

Through Eurocentric lenses, one might get the impression that the UN’s 2030 Agenda targets only the Global South. However, this agenda universally targets the Global North as well, shifting the paradigm from donor to equal partner. This blog, as part of our Winter Forum Week series, depicts Europe’s current participation in the Sustainable Development Goals… Read more »

07 Dec 2017

The reality for academic staff in Europe

The breadth and depth of the changes experienced by the higher education sector in recent years is unprecedented. Responding to these changes requires international higher education professionals, including academics, to work together across their institution. To facilitate these collaborations and undertake studies on education issues common to countries across Europe, the European Commission initiated the… Read more »

05 Dec 2017

Universities and society: we need each other

The breakdown of political systems, the rise of nationalism, xenophobia, and populism are hot topics these days, as well as issues that have been prominently discussed at the EAIE Conference in Seville and in the field of international higher education. The UC Berkeley Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) celebrated its 60th anniversary with… Read more »

23 Nov 2017

Learning internationalisation strategy: configuring appropriate support

Speaking with our colleagues in the internationalisation community recently, we were struck by the current debate around the appropriate approach to internationalisation in the context of institutional strategic planning and the implications for the future configuration of support for international students. This blog visits the pros and cons of integrating international student services with home… Read more »

31 Oct 2017

The interplay between national policies and internationalisation

In Europe, national level policies influence internationalisation efforts at the institutional level. Of course, the level of influence is different according to national context, but overall there is a relationship between European national policy frameworks and international higher education development. For example, immigration policies, funding instruments, regulatory frameworks and national strategic plans shape how internationalisation… Read more »

25 Oct 2017

Refugees in focus: a multi-stakeholder approach

On 12 September 2017, prior to the EAIE Conference in Seville, a networking event on the integration of refugees into higher education was hosted. The difference between this event and prior events is that this time it wasn’t about HEIs sharing best practices, but about bringing together different stakeholders to talk about next steps. Which… Read more »

12 Oct 2017

How to make a compelling case for internationalisation

As nationalism continues to grow in Europe and higher education budgets decrease, there is no better time to think deeply about why internationalisation is not only important but essential for higher education institutions. During the 2017 EAIE Annual Conference in September, one session offered dedicated space and time for Senior International Officers (SIOs) to reflect… Read more »

09 Aug 2017

Refugees in focus: The role of the diaspora linked to business and entrepreneurship

Yama Saraj fled war-torn Afghanistan with his family and has been a refugee in the Netherlands since 1998. He is an entrepreneur and an activist, working, in his own words, at  the intersection of art and technology. He studied Development Economics at Tilburg University. Yama is currently working on his master’s degree, where he is… Read more »

02 Aug 2017

Erasmus+ midterm review: the EAIE’s perspective

Launched in 2014 and running until 2020, we’re now halfway through the Erasmus+ programme. The European Commission is now conducting a midterm evaluation of the programme, gathering feedback and comments from various stakeholders, as well as the general public. As one of these key stakeholders, speaking on behalf of our members and practitioners in the… Read more »

26 Jul 2017

10 trends changing global higher education

In June 2017, the British Council released a report illuminating 10 trends in global higher education that impact the future of internationalisation. While the report is written from a UK perspective, the findings can be applied widely. As practitioners in the field, it’s important to keep our finger on the pulse as to what and… Read more »