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10 May 2017

International directors – managing up, down and across

How often have you as an International Director focused your efforts on the practical issues and resources over which you have direct control, only to be thwarted by what you consider to be institutional bureaucracy and people who just don’t get ‘it’?  It happens to us all. A key challenge is the extent to which… Read more »

07 Feb 2017

Making public-private partnerships work in higher education

There is growing interest, among public sector higher education institutions, in engaging with private sector partners to provide complementary services and expertise, and to share investment and risk. The challenges faced by higher education institutions are creating a new climate for innovative solutions, but there are a number of important considerations for anyone thinking about… Read more »

02 Feb 2017

Clowning around: relieving stress at the international office

As practitioners of internationalisation, we all know times of high pressure, team tensions, or intercultural difficulties. The paperwork is piling up; deadlines have to be met; colleagues, students, and researchers need your attention; and with a single phone call, any of the world’s crises might come right to your desk. It is easy to get… Read more »

14 Dec 2016

Bridging the generation gap: training and retaining international officers

A recent study conducted by Bamboo HR found that one-third of employees quit their jobs just six months after starting. If this sounds uncomfortably familiar, don’t despair. This blog post uses Bath Spa University’s International Relations Office (IRO) as a case study. With the rise in international student numbers, the IRO has expanded from three… Read more »

12 Dec 2016

The new international officer: Who holds the power in internationalisation?

Internationalisation is no longer the remit of only a few dedicated internationalisation professionals at higher education institutions, but increasingly so of several internal and external stakeholders. With a multitude of individuals and entities being involved in the process, the question of who is in charge of internationalisation and of steering its future developments emerges. Accompanying… Read more »

25 Oct 2016

Studying international education: all you need to know

With the growth and maturing of international higher education, internationalisation is increasingly considered a deliberate career choice. Consequently, degree programmes specialising in international education management and administration are offered by several institutions. Are you considering embarking on a career in the field? Or do you perhaps feel that after a few years in your job… Read more »

09 May 2016

Learning internationalisation strategy: engaging external support

This is the first in a brand new series of blog posts by Fiona Hunter and Neil Sparnon: Learning internationalisation strategy. Both authors have worked for many years in a variety of academic and administrative positions in higher education institutions across Europe, and now work as consultants in higher education around the world. As such… Read more »

07 Apr 2016

It’s university ranking season again

It’s ranking season once again! Yet, somehow every year the hype around the rankings seems to grow quieter and quieter. Perhaps it is because the rankings, or league tables, have reached a point where there are not many extreme changes to the list of ‘best’ universities. University rankings are not new phenomena. In fact, they… Read more »

15 Mar 2016

A welcome system for international staff

Most higher education institutions in Europe have established welcome procedures for international students, but such procedures are not as common when it comes to international staff and researchers. The ‘Welcome Office’ at University of Trento in Italy made it its mission to provide researchers and visiting scholars with the same kind of support that students… Read more »

18 Nov 2015

Academics vs. administrators: Who should rule the internationalisation roost?

At the EAIE Conference in Glasgow, one of the now traditional debate sessions took place with speakers, including myself, from 5 different countries fiercely debating the role of administrators and academics in the international arena. Who should hold sway and why? For those of you that have never attended an EAIE debate, the topics debated are current… Read more »