Beyond just the city: discover Scotland

Beyond just the city: discover Scotland

You’ve been hearing a lot about Glasgow here on the blog lately, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about the amazing country surrounding the host city of this year’s EAIE Annual Conference. Scotland – the land that brought you discoveries as diverse as Scotch whisky, golf, the telephone and penicillin – is home to scenic beauty beyond belief.

Picture a landscape of historic castles, mountains, islands and lakes. Now imagine that all of the elements of this remarkable landscape are just a short ride away from the 2015 EAIE conference on internationalisation of higher education. Feeling excited yet? Here are some of Scotland’s top highlights to ignite your inner travel bug.

1. Sailing in Scotland

If you think Scotland is beautiful on land, imagine seeing it from the waters that surround it. Sailing is one of the top activities to partake in when in Scotland so, if that just happens to be one of your skills, then you have just found yourself the ideal scenery to do it in!

2. Castles of Scotland

See Scotland’s castles and explore its unique historical past.

3. Scotch Whisky

Taste Scotland’s national drink and/or see how it is made on a distillery visit, tasting event, or in the many pubs and bars that proudly carry this national treasure.

4. Fishing in Scotland

Whether on rivers, lochs or the sea, Scotland has some incredibly peaceful and picturesque fishing spots (where you can find salmon and trout, among others) waiting for you.

5. Walking in Scotland

If you like nature and walking, then maybe Scotland’s long-distance walking routes, known as the Great Trails, are perfect options. Pack some good walking shoes and feast your eyes on a landscape so beautiful it borders on magic.

6. Golfing in Scotland

Did we mention that golf was invented here? If you’re a fan of the sport, there is no better place to practice your swing: its green fields and hills as far as the eye can see.

7. Eating and Drinking in Scotland

2015 is the Year of Food & Drink, celebrating Scottish cuisine and drink producers. Food and drink locally sourced in Scotland are of the highest quality and worthy of your attention.

8. Active holidays in Scotland

If you’re the type who has a strong sense of adventure, Scotland may just be the perfect place for you. Scotland’s numerous activities in the great outdoors will be sure to keep you busy.

To find out more about beautiful Scotland, go to the Visit Scotland website and explore!