Posts By: Stig Arne Skjerven and Marina Malgina

24 Apr 2017

European Qualifications Passport for Refugees: from vision to reality

In a time of unprecedented pressure to tackle the migration challenge, the demand for an effective and sustainable approach to screening, evaluating and recognising refugees’ qualifications is at the forefront of political agendas in many countries. Also in this blog post, check out the very first passport to be issued via the programme, and learn more… Read more »

26 Nov 2015

The Norwegian response to the refugee crisis

On the EAIE blog this week, we are highlighting responses and best practices to the refugee crisis in Europe. Today’s blog post revisits Norway’s country-wide response, in the context of the current crisis. Earlier blog posts this week have looked at both Hungary and Germany, and tomorrow we will be zooming in on a Norwegian case,… Read more »

04 Feb 2015

Recognising qualifications of refugees: a Norwegian approach

Imagine moving to a new country. Maybe you have escaped from your home country in fear of what could happen to you. In your home country you were an engineer, philologist or maybe a geologist. You are knowledgeable and eager to contribute to the economy and society in your new country. Yet the chaotic situation… Read more »