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14 Feb 2018

Research digest for practitioners: February 2018

Journal of Studies in International EducationWith the recent online publication of the February 2018 Journal of Studies in International Education it’s time for another post in the blog series that highlights relevant academic research. Authors in this issue explore the institutional and government rationales for recruiting international students, international student perceptions of their needs, institutional policies encouraging study abroad and development of transnational higher education. The aim of this series illuminates major findings and takeaways from select articles that may be relevant and useful to practitioners in the field. We hope the brief summaries give you food for thought or, better yet, entice you to further explore the articles. Continue Reading
01 Feb 2018

The Sustainable Development Goals: universities taking action

Now more than ever, universities around the world have come to understand the centrally important role that they play in delivering a better, more sustainable future for all. The EAIE has taken steps to further the sustainability initiative and encourage members of the field to do the same. Our most recent edition of Forum focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to internationalisation, and we’ve covered it on our blog in order to further the initiative. In this post, the author explores how institutions are continuing their efforts towards sustainability and shares best practices in order to inspire readers to implement their own plan. Continue Reading
24 Jan 2018

Destination marketing: selling your university’s locale

Is your institution based outside of your capital city? Are you located in a country nobody can pin on a map? Selling your university's location is an essential part of your conversation with prospective students. In today’s blog post, marketing professional Jemma Davies shares her top tips for ‘destination marketing’, an approach that promotes a destination (town, city, region, country) with a purpose to increase the number of visitors. Continue Reading
18 Jan 2018

Suggestions from the field: top reads of 2017

We are well into the first month of 2018, meaning there is no better time to work on ambitions for the new year. Every year professionals add new knowledge to existing literature and research in our field, which helps us to better understand current trends and at the same time informs practice. With ‘read more’ consistently on our list of resolutions, we at the EAIE were inspired to look back at the knowledge produced in 2017 as well as seek reading recommendations from our peers in international higher education. Continue Reading
12 Jan 2018

5 top blogs from 2017

As we begin a new year, we wanted to revisit some of our most read blogs of 2017. The EAIE would like to thank those in our community that continue to read our blog and share their experiences on various higher education topics. A big thank you also goes out to our volunteer bloggers for their generous contributions. We look forward to providing you with more quality content in 2018! Continue Reading
21 Dec 2017

Milestones, borders and boundaries: EAIE 2017 in review

It was a very good year! Perhaps not quite in the same sense as in Frank Sinatra’s classic song, but I have the impression that the EAIE really made significant progress on many fronts. One of the more obvious milestones was the Annual Conference & Exhibition in Seville. Not only did we have a record attendance of 6000 participants from 95 different countries, we also took strides in making the conference more sustainable and offset its carbon footprint. On top of that, we ran two successful Academies in Marseille and Warsaw, organised a Spotlight Seminar on Marketing and Recruiting in Amsterdam, and moved forward with our strategic goals. All in all, the EAIE is certainly living up to its strategic ambition of driving responsible European higher education. Continue Reading
15 Dec 2017

Start them young: primary school teachers should teach SDGs

While our Winter issue of Forum focuses much on how international higher education can make an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the final blog of Forum Week makes the case that we must start much earlier than university level. Implemented in 2015, we now have only 13 years to achieve Agenda 2030. Thus, it is crucial that we incorporate SDG themes into the curricula of those who will be coming of age at that time in order to truly achieve an inclusive global society by 2030. Continue Reading
14 Dec 2017

SDG 4: Europe’s efforts towards equitable education

Through Eurocentric lenses, one might get the impression that the UN’s 2030 Agenda targets only the Global South. However, this agenda universally targets the Global North as well, shifting the paradigm from donor to equal partner. This blog, as part of our Winter Forum Week series, depicts Europe’s current participation in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in relation to higher education, as well as ways in which it can improve. Continue Reading
13 Dec 2017

Piecing together a strong partnership for sustainability

With a theme of ‘The Sustainability Development Goals’ for the Winter edition of Forum, this issue is simultaneously intimidating and inspiring. The current state of our society, our consumption and our climate are all at risk. At the same time, much is already being done to improve the wellbeing of humankind as well as earth’s resources. As Forum Editor Laura Rumbley shared on yesterday’s blog, partnerships from all over Europe – and beyond – shared their initiatives for creating a more sustainable future. Today’s post highlights one of those mentioned: the U4 network. Continue Reading