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22 Aug 2017

International officers finding their role in internationalisation at home

Internationalisation at HomeThough internationalisation at home is a relatively recent concept, it has already been embraced widely, particularly in northern and western Europe. Internationalisation at home aims to bring internationalisation to all students through the home curriculum. It is therefore primarily about teaching and learning, which implies that lecturers are increasingly becoming prominent players in internationalisation. After all, they are the ones who create learning environments with international and intercultural dimensions. In today’s blog, internationalisation at home expert Jos Beelen looks at where the international officer fits in. Continue Reading
16 Aug 2017

Discover Seville: a peek at Andalusia’s university system

We are only a few weeks out from the 29th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Seville. Seville is the capital of Andalusia, where international education is a top priority – so much so that it is one of the most sought-after destinations in the Erasmus programme. As a professional in international higher education, take a moment to learn more about your field as it relates to the history of higher education in Southern Spain. Today's blog gives us a glimpse into Andalusia’s 500-year old university system just in time for next month’s conference.  Continue Reading
09 Aug 2017

Refugees in focus: The role of the diaspora linked to business and entrepreneurship

Yama Saraj fled war-torn Afghanistan with his family and has been a refugee in the Netherlands since 1998. He is an entrepreneur and an activist, working, in his own words, at  the intersection of art and technology. He studied Development Economics at Tilburg University. Yama is currently working on his master’s degree, where he is researching high-tech supply chain entrepreneurship. In this blog, as part of the Refugees in focus series, we asked Yama to share his story. Continue Reading
02 Aug 2017

Erasmus+ midterm review: the EAIE’s perspective

Launched in 2014 and running until 2020, we’re now halfway through the Erasmus+ programme. The European Commission is now conducting a midterm evaluation of the programme, gathering feedback and comments from various stakeholders, as well as the general public. As one of these key stakeholders, speaking on behalf of our members and practitioners in the field, we’ve contributed to this midterm review by outlining what we see as important for launching the coming programme. In our minds, two things are paramount in ensuring the programme’s future success: funding and simplification. Continue Reading
26 Jul 2017

10 trends changing global higher education

In June 2017, the British Council released a report illuminating 10 trends in global higher education that impact the future of internationalisation. While the report is written from a UK perspective, the findings can be applied widely. As practitioners in the field, it’s important to keep our finger on the pulse as to what and how global phenomena shape the evolving nature of international higher education. The report focuses on shifting demographics, national strategies for higher education and labour market demands as just a few of the issues impacting the internationalisation of higher education. This post takes a look at the full report. Continue Reading
20 Jul 2017

Sexual harassment: an unspoken issue on campus

Sexual harassment is widely recognised as a violation of basic human rights. Complaints about sexual harassment or assault have been increasing in recent decades on university campuses around the world. Despite the grave nature of this offense and its prevalence, it is almost only discussed behind closed doors. In Forum Week’s final blog post on the international student, author Jana Stoláriková brings this topic to the forefront and shares some best practices to ensure a safe and inclusive campus.  Continue Reading
19 Jul 2017

Rethinking international students: reaching unity in diversity

There is no doubt that higher education (HE) has entered an era of change. It is widely believed that international students require special attention and support. However, recent trends, such as the world-wide massification of HE, the growing use of information technologies in teaching and ongoing globalisation of HE result in increasingly diverse student populations. Though traditionally, student populations have been treated as homogenous, they have never been such. In today’s blog post, the third in the summer Forum series, the authors explore why it is so important that universities stop ignoring the diversity of student community.    Continue Reading
18 Jul 2017

Fostering integration: moving from activities to personal learning and growth

How can we foster integration? Universities typically arrange a range of activities to promote this, yet often with minimal impact. So what can be done? The key is to move from a primary focus on activities to an additional focus on personal learning and growth. In today’s addition to Forum Week on the blog, Professor Helen Spencer-Oakley shares two helpful techniques for fostering integration of international students.     Continue Reading
17 Jul 2017

Won’t somebody think of the students…?

The EAIE has officially launched the summer 2017 issue of its member magazine, Forum. This issue’s theme takes a close look at international students and what higher education professionals can do to ensure they have a positive international experience. It is also Forum Week on the blog, and in today’s post, Laura Rumbley, Chair of the Publications Committee and Editor of Forum, discusses the trials and triumphs of today’s international student.     Continue Reading
12 Jul 2017

Research digest for practitioners: July 2017

The July issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education focuses in on such topics as: the institutionalisation of English-taught degree programmes, pre-departure support for visiting faculty and work-integrated learning for international students. This blog series inspires practitioners to stay current on the latest research in the field, bridging practice with research. Below you will find a short summary of each article encouraging you to further explore those of interest.     Continue Reading