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21 Apr 2017

Getting to know your neighbours: connected in the region, ready for the world

Generally speaking, getting to know your neighbours has its perks: you can borrow a carton of milk, help each other out, share great conversation and work to make your neighbourhood better. In academia as at home, life is that much better when you get to know your neighbours and it starts in the most basic… Read more »

20 Apr 2017

Brexit: A ‘stress test’ for the regionalisation fostered by the Bologna Process?

Brexit is shifting the discussion about higher education in the European Union, raising questions about EU-wide exchange and collaboration projects and, more broadly, about the future of the supranational European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which has been promoted for the last 17 years through the Bologna Process.

19 Apr 2017

Regionalisation in international education

This week, the EAIE is launching the spring 2017 issue of its member magazine Forum. Each Forum is themed, and this issue we take a closer look at the relationship between regionalisation and international education. Are these opposite concepts? How is regionalisation affected by rising nationalism? In today’s blog post, Laura Rumbley, Chair of the… Read more »

15 Jul 2016

Internationalisation data from the bottom up

This is the last blog post of the 2016 summer Forum series. Last week, we looked at the best resources of research and data on international higher education. This week, we have looked at the pitfalls of using data in international education, data for enhancing student satisfaction, data that can be used for recruitment strategies… Read more »

13 Jul 2016

Measuring ROI in international student recruitment

This week on the EAIE blog, we will be covering the summer issue of Forum magazine. This whole issue is dedicated to data in international education. We look at how it can be and is used, as well as collected by practitioners. Further to yesterday’s blog post on a similar issue, today’s blog post looks… Read more »

07 Jul 2016

Top data resources on international education in Europe

The upcoming issue of summer Forum, the EAIE’s flagship member magazine, is on the role of data in international education. Every issue of Forum is covered on the EAIE blog on the week that the magazine is officially published. This time, we have a small ‘teaser’ for readers of the blog: a comprehensive list highlighting the… Read more »

11 Dec 2015

Beyond recruitment and mobility: Internationalisation at Home

Today (and yesterday) on the EAIE blog, we are highlighting the winter issue of the EAIE’s member magazine Forum on the theme of Internationalisation at Home. While mobility may still reign as a key aspect of internationalisation, it is by no means the only one. Coined in 1999 within the EAIE, Internationalisation at Home is… Read more »