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24 Jan 2017

Academic Refuge: setting up an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project

How can we use the experiences from the work of protecting threatened academics to find solutions for refugee students and academics arriving in Europe? How is this integration work in Europe important for the wider movement to strengthen academic freedom around the world? What could we do within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme? These were the questions we were grappling with one year ago, as we prepared our Erasmus+ application. In this blog post, you can learn from our successful application process.   Continue Reading
19 Jan 2017

Refugees in focus: What is next?

Efforts to integrate refugees into higher education in Europe continue to be present on the agenda of higher education institutions throughout the continent. Sharing best practices and new initiatives helps institutions adopt unique solutions within their own particular contexts. Yet there are still many challenges to be conquered in order to really help refugees integrate into European societies. Following a Spotlight Seminar and a full conference track of this issue, the EAIE will be covering refugee integration from different angles in a brand new blog series: Refugees in focus. Continue Reading
16 Jan 2017

International students and alcohol: should we be worried?

While there are known benefits of studying abroad for young people, concerns have been raised over the health of travelling students. In particular, regarding alcohol consumption during the mobility period. Findings from a research project that collected data on a large international sample of Erasmus students can inform health promotion services and programmes for students completing study abroad experiences.       Continue Reading
12 Jan 2017

Spotlight Seminar: the case for market segmentation

There is a well-known saying that goes, “an offer that is acceptable for all is perfect for no one”. This is certainly true, and competition is fierce in the world of international higher education. It is estimated that at least 7000 higher education institutions actively recruit international students – and that these students all apply to an average of five institutions each. How can you be at the very top of their list (and not just on it)? The key is market segmentation.     Continue Reading
10 Jan 2017

Student mobility: Are you prepared for managing a crisis?

be prepared crisis managementWhat would you say to a student who walks into the international office asking for a recommendation of a student exchange destination that is guaranteed to be safe? How does one balance ‘opening doors to the world’ for the students and managing the risks that are related to mobility? Is your institution prepared to act if something unexpected happens? How do you support your students to be prepared for the unexpected?  Continue Reading
16 Dec 2016

An international outlook: what the international officer sees

235x184_winterforum2016-coverontabletSo much of life is a balance; yin and yang, man and nature, the Unthank sisters. An important role of international officers is to enable colleagues to view of their institution balanced by what is happening elsewhere in the world. There are a number of examples of this, but this blog post, accompanying the latest issue of Forum on ‘The new international officer’, is about one: balancing higher education as long-term public service and short-term private enterprise. Continue Reading
14 Dec 2016

Bridging the generation gap: training and retaining international officers

235x184_winterforum2016-coveronmagazines2A recent study conducted by Bamboo HR found that one-third of employees quit their jobs just six months after starting. If this sounds uncomfortably familiar, don’t despair. This blog post uses Bath Spa University’s International Relations Office (IRO) as a case study. With the rise in international student numbers, the IRO has expanded from three to 12 employees – and many lesson were learned. Accompanying the release of Forum magazine on ‘The new international officer’, this blog post looks at bridging the gap between old and new staff. Continue Reading
12 Dec 2016

The new international officer: Who holds the power in internationalisation?

235x184_winterforum2016-coveronmagazines1Internationalisation is no longer the remit of only a few dedicated internationalisation professionals at higher education institutions, but increasingly so of several internal and external stakeholders. With a multitude of individuals and entities being involved in the process, the question of who is in charge of internationalisation and of steering its future developments emerges. Accompanying the release of Forum magazine on ‘The new international officer’, this blog post looks into the findings of studies on the topic. Continue Reading