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12 Sep 2016

Universities UK: we are international

We are just a single day away from the start of something wonderful: the 28th Annual EAIE Conference begins tomorrow! It’s a place for meeting peers, for finding ways to work together and for developing the field of international, collaborative education further. But a certain cloud of uncertainty looms over our host country’s university sector… Read more »

08 Jun 2016

International higher education around the world

Even with all the globe-trotting we do in our profession, it’s not often we get the chance to do a world tour in just 60 minutes. The session ‘Exploring hot topics in international education through World café’, held at the NAFSA conference last week in Denver, gave participants just that opportunity. It was a tour… Read more »

26 Apr 2016

10 reasons why rankings matter in higher education

University leadership and policy wonks excitedly await the results of yearly university rankings. Part of the excitement is waning, however, due to the same (old) institutions being listed every year. In the EAIE Barometer study, 35% of practitioners indicated that improving international reputation or position in rankings is one of the top three reasons for internationalising…. Read more »

30 Mar 2016

Accreditation of joint programmes: headaches no more?

Complex and fragmented procedures, contradictory requirements – external quality assurance of joint programmes might sound like a bureaucratic nightmare. Since last year, there’s been light at the end of the tunnel: European ministers of higher education agreed on a coherent, European approach for quality assuring joint programmes. Will it save academics and managers from headaches… Read more »

24 Feb 2016

Joint degree programmes: fatal attraction or happily ever after?

The EAIE Barometer study, a survey under 2411 higher education practitioners, highlighted the growing importance of strategic partnerships in internationalisation. A majority of respondents indicated that they are currently working on developing joint degree programmes with their institutional partners. The momentum is growing, with a record number of over 50 Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree programmes… Read more »

17 Feb 2016

Erasmus+ strategic partnerships: how to get the grant

The European Union’s flagship education programme Erasmus+ is now into its third year of existence. The programme provides well needed additional funding opportunities for realising new and innovative partnership projects – an internationalisation activity proving increasingly popular. Based on the lessons learned from the previous calls for applications, this blog post provides some insights into… Read more »

06 Jan 2016

How to build intercultural interaction

Internationalisation at Home (IaH) aims to give all students intercultural and international competences. The majority of college students don’t have the opportunity to travel. Students that do get to travel often fail to develop relationships with local students. International students are, in many ways, an untapped resource for IaH. Designing programmes that foster intercultural interaction is a… Read more »

28 Jul 2015

Using speed networking techniques to find the right institutional partner

Strategic partnerships are increasingly important resources for international higher education institutions. Following up on a blog post on networking to reach individual goals, we now zoom into networking to reach institutional goals. As you prepare for the 27th Annual EAIE Conference in Glasgow from 15 to 18 September, here is a handy step-by-step little guide… Read more »

17 Jul 2015

The role of faculty in strategic partnerships

There are legitimate reasons for higher education institutions to engage in international academic partnerships. The financial reason; the ‘everyone else is doing it so let’s tell the world we are global too’ one; the strategic ‘putting a flag down somewhere’ one; and the opportunities for students. Yet, beyond the financial agreement, curriculum, and international visibility, what… Read more »