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06 Jan 2016

How to build intercultural interaction

Internationalisation at Home (IaH) aims to give all students intercultural and international competences. The majority of college students don’t have the opportunity to travel. Students that do get to travel often fail to develop relationships with local students. International students are, in many ways, an untapped resource for IaH. Designing programmes that foster intercultural interaction is a… Read more »

28 Jul 2015

Using speed networking techniques to find the right institutional partner

Strategic partnerships are increasingly important resources for international higher education institutions. Following up on a blog post on networking to reach individual goals, we now zoom into networking to reach institutional goals. As you prepare for the 27th Annual EAIE Conference in Glasgow from 15 to 18 September, here is a handy step-by-step little guide… Read more »

17 Jul 2015

The role of faculty in strategic partnerships

There are legitimate reasons for higher education institutions to engage in international academic partnerships. The financial reason; the ‘everyone else is doing it so let’s tell the world we are global too’ one; the strategic ‘putting a flag down somewhere’ one; and the opportunities for students. Yet, beyond the financial agreement, curriculum, and international visibility, what… Read more »

04 Jun 2015

Ready for take-off: the Groningen Declaration Network

‘Ready for take-off: calls, funding, pilots, upscaling’: with this inspiring title, the Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) held its fourth annual meeting in Malaga, Spain this past May. So just what is this network all about? It’s actually simpler than it may sound with a name which many struggle to pronounce. The aim of the GDN is… Read more »

16 Dec 2014

Ethical partnerships: a view from the South

North-South partnerships appear to remain the dominant model in the current context of internationalisation of higher education in South Africa. Partnerships involving institutions in the Global North can face considerable challenges, particularly with regard to questions of power and influence as well as mutual benefit. This article summarises the outcomes of a recent workshop concerning… Read more »

23 Oct 2014

Strategic internationalisation for business and management schools

The internationalisation of business and management education can be seen as a response to the globalisation of educational markets worldwide. Just like operatives in other industries touched by globalisation, management education providers have adopted different strategies in their search for progress and legitimacy. There is no doubt that business and management schools have shared elements… Read more »

22 Jan 2014

Ubuntu: I am who I am because of you

Are international education associations living in their own bubble? What do they do to create access and equity for people and ideas from emerging or developing countries? How can they work together to advance the internationalisation of the higher education agenda? These were some of the questions contemplated by the leaders of key international higher… Read more »