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22 Jul 2016

Research digest for practitioners: July 2016

The July issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education highlights academic staff experiences in international branch campuses, the impact of transnational education, and how higher education institutions can be a tool for public diplomacy. Furthermore, you will find articles that tackle subjects such as MOOCs and how they are perceived by academics and the… Read more »

15 Oct 2015

Going global, staying engaged

This week on the EAIE blog, we are highlighting the latest EAIE Occasional Paper Staying Global: how alumni relations advances the agenda. Authors of the book have contributed exclusive blog posts that look at some of the different facets of international alumni engagement in preparation for the EAIE Webinar taking place later this month. Today’s… Read more »

13 Oct 2015

More of what works best, less of the rest

Last month, the EAIE released a brand new publication on the ever timely issue of international alumni relations. The EAIE Occasional Paper 24, Staying Global: how alumni relations advances the agenda, tackles the many facets of fostering and maintaining relationships with international alumni. This week on the blog, we will be highlighting the book’s themes as… Read more »

07 Oct 2015

The moving target of internationalisation of higher education in Europe

This critical and thought-provoking piece is the second of three blog posts in this week’s series highlighting the European Parliament report Internationalisation of Higher Education. In the previous blog post of this series, one of the report’s authors addressed some of the tangible conclusions of the study. In this blog post, however, the focus shifts to… Read more »

25 Sep 2015

Research digest for practitioners: September 2015

What do Chinese students, Japan’s internationalisation, and Finland’s educational export industry all have in common? They are all topics of articles in the latest volume of the Journal of Studies in International Education, published in September 2015. This ongoing blog series highlights the major findings and takeaways that may be relevant and useful to practitioners… Read more »

10 Sep 2015

Student mobility continues to boost speed of change

This week is ending and, with it, so is the Conference Conversation Starter blog series. As we feel Glasgow getting closer, the excitement about the near future grows. But what about the long-term perspective for international higher education? Where is it all going? You may just find some answers in this thought-provoking closing blog post… Read more »

09 Sep 2015

International student tuition fees in France – a valuable idea?

With just one week to go until that exciting moment where every single conference participant comes together for the Opening Plenary in Glasgow, we bring you yet another fascinating blog post from the 2015 Conference Conversation Starter series. Addressing the incredibly timely issue of tuition fees for international students through the lens of the French case,… Read more »

08 Sep 2015

Can Adam Smith Ever Be Green?

The 27th Annual EAIE Conference in Glasgow is just around the corner. To warm you up to the multitude of issues that will be addressed in the days of the conference, we are running a week-long coverage of the 2015 Conference Conversation Starter here on the blog. Today’s post, the second of the series, tackles the legacy… Read more »