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17 May 2017

Research digest for practitioners: May 2017

This month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topics from Germany and Portugal to Iraq to Korea and Malaysia. Articles focus in on the subject of student mobility and address such topics as the push-pull factors of international students, discrimination of mobile students, perceived risks of studying abroad, national evolution of student mobility, and… Read more »

21 Apr 2017

Getting to know your neighbours: connected in the region, ready for the world

Generally speaking, getting to know your neighbours has its perks: you can borrow a carton of milk, help each other out, share great conversation and work to make your neighbourhood better. In academia as at home, life is that much better when you get to know your neighbours and it starts in the most basic… Read more »

20 Apr 2017

Brexit: A ‘stress test’ for the regionalisation fostered by the Bologna Process?

Brexit is shifting the discussion about higher education in the European Union, raising questions about EU-wide exchange and collaboration projects and, more broadly, about the future of the supranational European Higher Education Area (EHEA), which has been promoted for the last 17 years through the Bologna Process.

19 Apr 2017

Regionalisation in international education

This week, the EAIE is launching the spring 2017 issue of its member magazine Forum. Each Forum is themed, and this issue we take a closer look at the relationship between regionalisation and international education. Are these opposite concepts? How is regionalisation affected by rising nationalism? In today’s blog post, Laura Rumbley, Chair of the… Read more »

15 Feb 2017

Research digest for practitioners: February 2017

The February special issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education focuses in on global citizenship and global learning. The articles and authors critically analyse the concept ‘global citizen’, both the ambiguity of the term and how the term may only serve the Western world.  Global learning and citizenship take shape in various international… Read more »

30 Nov 2016

Research digest for practitioners: November 2016

The November issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education was recently published. The final issue of the year 2016 focuses in on such topics as: the use of social media by international students, international service-learning outcomes, and internationalisation at home programmes. In this blog post, you will find a short summary of each article,… Read more »

22 Sep 2016

Research digest for practitioners: September 2016

The September issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education offers an Asian flavour of studies, from China to Japan to an offshore Chinese university in Italy. The studies offer practitioners food for thought on such issues as international student satisfaction, English-medium instruction, international student services, and offshore campus developments. Below you will find… Read more »

09 Sep 2016

Addressing the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda

We are closing the three-part 2016 Conference Conversation Starter series on the EAIE blog with a call to action for sustainable development within European universities in response to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. Today’s author, along with his colleague Alva Bruun – Chair of EAIE Expert Community Cooperation for Development – explored how European higher… Read more »

07 Sep 2016

Transcending borders, beyond transnational education

Today’s blog post is the second in a three-part series focusing on the 2016 Conference Conversation Starter. This year’s theme is ‘Imagine…’ and, with this in mind, author Martin Hall from the University of Cape Town makes a plea for a novel and improved understanding of the concept of ‘borderless education’. In light of the… Read more »

05 Sep 2016

Imagine… the 2016 Conference Conversation Starter

It is almost time for the 28th Annual EAIE Conference in Liverpool – an occasion to step away from our day-to-day routine in order to focus on face-to-face meetings with international partners and attend sessions that encourage us to think beyond our regular practices. On the lead up to the conference, a three-part series on… Read more »