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16 Jan 2017

International students and alcohol: should we be worried?

While there are known benefits of studying abroad for young people, concerns have been raised over the health of travelling students. In particular, regarding alcohol consumption during the mobility period. Findings from a research project that collected data on a large international sample of Erasmus students can inform health promotion services and programmes for students… Read more »

10 Jan 2017

Student mobility: Are you prepared for managing a crisis?

What would you say to a student who walks into the international office asking for a recommendation of a student exchange destination that is guaranteed to be safe? How does one balance ‘opening doors to the world’ for the students and managing the risks that are related to mobility? Is your institution prepared to act… Read more »

19 Aug 2016

Joint Programmes: the story of Erasmus Mundus

Joint programmes continue to be a hot topic in our field. So hot, in fact, that the EAIE has just launched its first ever Network on Joint Programmes. The European Commission recently released a new publication – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees: The story so far – featuring four policy papers that address the unique… Read more »

10 Aug 2016

Making the most of work placements abroad

Work placements or traineeships abroad can be one of the most powerful instruments to enhance your students’ employability and career prospects. But do you really know which transversal skills your students have actually improved during their placement abroad? Are your students aware of these new skills? Do students know how to demonstrate this skill gain… Read more »

27 Jul 2016

New EU student and researcher visa regulations explained

For the past weeks the debate in international education in Europe has been coloured by Brexit, the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU, and its implications for research cooperation and mobility. Despite prevalent anti-immigration sentiments in many parts of Europe and a bleaker view on the future of European integration, new streamlined EU regulations… Read more »

07 Jul 2016

Top data resources on international education in Europe

The upcoming issue of summer Forum, the EAIE’s flagship member magazine, is on the role of data in international education. Every issue of Forum is covered on the EAIE blog on the week that the magazine is officially published. This time, we have a small ‘teaser’ for readers of the blog: a comprehensive list highlighting the… Read more »