How to enhance intercultural communication with virtual exchange

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What's in store for you?

Release date: 30 April 2015

Effective intercultural communication is an increasingly required skill in times of an unprecedented global interconnectedness. When globally only 1.8% of students study abroad (UNESCO Institute of Statistics), learning the essential intercultural communication skills can be a real challenge.

This webinar will enable you to gain insights into the Virtual Exchange (VE) models of intercultural communication and understand how using VE technologies can be both a tool and a means to ensure strong communication pathways. Presenters will draw from the experience of a number of organisations and discuss their models of intercultural communication.

Based on those examples and the future potential in the field you will find out what type of intercultural communication VE enables and how. The possibilities and the limitations of using VE for enhancing intercultural communication will be outlined. You will learn what the VE model of effective cross-cultural communication can offer to higher education and academic learning and will discuss opportunities that the field of VE offers to higher education practitioners.

Is this webinar for you?

The webinar is aimed at practitioners (lecturers, tutors, facilitators) who:

  • Have a desire or need to enhance students’ intercultural communication skills within their programme/curriculum
  • Are engaged in VE projects, want to reflect on their practice and learn from other examples
  • Are planning to incorporate a technology-enabled, intercultural learning component into their curriculum/programme.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how intercultural communication is enabled by Virtual Exchange (VE)
  • Find out what type of intercultural communication VE allows and promotes and what the limitations are
  • Gain awareness of ongoing virtual exchange programming and hear about examples of intercultural communication models in VE
  • Gain ideas on how to use VE and its models of intercultural communication in your own work.


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