Closing keynote speaker: Typhoon


Glenn de Randamie, better known as Typhoon, is a Dutch hip-hop musician who exposes his heart and soul with honest and vulnerable lyrics. In addition to being an artist, Glenn is a speaker, lecturer, inspirer, philosopher and businessman.

As a lecturer, he talks about the path he took as an insecure stutterer from a small village to a successful word artist. Glenn developed his own compass with which he finds small answers to big questions. He does this in personal expressions about love, faith, choices, slavery, ambition and sustainable leadership. 

In his live shows, connection is a true experience: you are not only musically, but also physically taken along in the story he has to tell. This energy can also be felt in his talks and the role Glenn plays in the social debate. His music and talks are a true celebration of being human, always with the message that we are enough: we are love.

Attend the Closing Plenary on Friday 29 September at 12:00 CEST, to be inspired by Glenn's stories and experiences – stories that will make you think about your own place and role in your work, our sector and life.