Sessions can be attended by all participants and are designed to provide a quick, engaging forum for the exchange of ideas around a specific topic. The session Chair is tasked with briefly introducing the speakers and stimulating the discussion of different viewpoints among speakers and participants. Interactivity and creative session types are highly encouraged. 


Session proposals are assessed based on the quality and relevance of the content, the proposed delivery, and their value within the context of the EAIE (eg diversity of subject matters, audience, Expert Community topics, conference theme, etc). One Chair is in charge of facilitating the session, and up to two speakers share their viewpoints and engage in a discussion. It is recommended that approximately one third of the session is dedicated to questions and answers, discussions or other formats that encourage audience participation. To promote diverse viewpoints, submitters are encouraged to involve speakers from different countries or institutions on their panels. Whenever possible, evidence-based information is also welcomed. 


Learning comes in different shapes and forms, so please take a moment to consider the best way to deliver your session content. The EAIE Conference Programme Committee invites all submitters to think creatively in order to deliver the most exciting, informative and engaging programme to date.

Panel session


A panel session is made up of short, thought-provoking and stimulating presentations from two experts in the field, followed by a discussion with the audience under the guidance of the Chair. The panel responds to audience questions.

World Café


The World Café format facilitates open discussion in structured conversation of predetermined topics. Participants will move between tables, where they are encouraged to leave notes on the tablecloth for the next person in order to build collective knowledge.



A distinct chair setup consisting of a circle surrounding a ‘fishbowl’ of speakers. Participants have the opportunity to join the conversation, share their own thoughts, experience and best practice on the content matter should they so wish.

Gallery walk


In a gallery walk, flipcharts with a pre-determined statement or question are spread around the session room. Participants will visit each flipchart and add their thoughts. The resulting collage of collective opinion forms the basis for further discussion.