Poster 102

First Six Weeks Programme: Give your new international students a smooth landing at your university!

  • Wednesday 27 Sept
  • Poster area, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy

How can we create a warm welcome for first-year international students, giving them the time to really feel at home in their new environment? Saxion University of Applied Sciences has designed a First Six Weeks Programme to facilitate a smooth landing. This poster outlines how the aim of the programme is to inform international students about all kinds of practical matters, inspire them by boosting their mindset and connect them with other students.


  • Student and alumni services
    • Student mental health support
  • Marketing and admissions
    • Marketing and recruitment


  • Marloes Heering, 
    Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
  • Fleur Bloemendaal, 
    Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands