Poster 318

Hey, are you OK? Addressing mental health needs in Poland

  • Thursday 28 Sept
  • Level 2, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy

The pandemic and the war just across the Polish border have exacerbated mental health issues among international students in Poland. Our institution has therefore created a project called Hey, Are You OK? This reflects the broadly accepted need for a fundamental realignment of the way mental health and well-being are seen and approached. This poster shows how we are supporting our academic community by embedding preventative and positive well-being initiatives across our whole institution.


  • Leadership, strategy and policy
    • Staff skills development
  • Student and alumni services
    • Student mental health support


  • Anna Modrzejewska, 
    Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland
  • Justyna Sudakowska, 
    Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland