Session 1114

Mindfulness: Relax and recharge

  • Thursday 28 Sept
  • Dock 11, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy

Taking a mindful break during the day helps to improve our concentration and overall productivity. It also helps to re-energise our body and mind. We will begin with a relaxing 15-minute guided practice. In the second part of this session, we will learn about the importance of pausing and noticing, and how it helps to recover from stress. Mindfulness can support our ability to relax and recharge through better self-awareness. Self-awareness is our ability to intentionally tune in and notice our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and habitual reactions. We will offer some suggestions on how to create brief moments during our day to relax both physically and mentally and recharge our inner batteries.


  • Relevant to all


  • Katya Borodulya, 
    Mindfulness Rotterdam, Netherlands