Session 1111

Mindfulness pause: From ‘doing mode’ to ‘being mode’

  • Wednesday 27 Sept
  • Dock 11, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy

Starting our day with mindfulness can help us feel calmer, more focused and centred throughout the rest of the day. Aside from experiencing a 15-minute guided mindfulness practice, we will learn what mindfulness means and how it helps to regulate our nervous system response. During this session, we will experiment with shifting from a ‘doing’ mode, where we spend most of our day, to just ‘being’. Switching from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ mode can feel very refreshing as it offers a space to pause, and to engage with our direct experience, quiet rumination and worries.


  • Relevant to all


  • Katya Borodulya, 
    Mindfulness Rotterdam, Netherlands