Session 07.14

Connecting research and practice on international student mobility

  • Thursday 28 Sept
  • Dock 15, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Related Expert Communities Mobility Advising

International student mobility practice is often not informed by research, and research often does not consider practitioners’ most urgent needs. In this campfire session, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities experienced in the first two years of the European Network on International Student Mobility, which explicitly aims to build such bridges in line with the overall EAIE conference theme of connecting currents.


  • Student and staff mobility
    • Internships, traineeships and work placements


  • Christof Van Mol, 
    Tilburg University, Netherlands


  • Adriana Perez-Encinas, 
    Autonomous University Madrid, Spain
  • Cosmin Nada, 
    Centre for Research and Intervention in Education (CIIE-FPCEUP), Portugal