Session 10.02

Are EUI alliances delivering on the wider vision? Initial assessment results at national and European level

The European Universities Initiative was launched with the ambition to spark a full transformation of the European higher education landscape, elevating selected alliances to be key change agents in this next Copernican revolution. To what extent are EUI alliances managing to deliver on this ambitious vision? This session will showcase two comparative assessments – one conducted in the Czech Republic and one at European level – detailing progress, lessons learned and ways forward.


  • Partnerships
    • Collaborative degree programmes


  • Irina Ferencz, 
    Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), Belgium


  • Daniela Craciun, 
    Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS), Netherlands
  • Yann-Maël Bideau, 
    European Commission DG Education and Culture, Belgium