Session 09.03

University podcasts: An underestimated tool for student recruitment

  • Friday 29 Sept
  • Rotterdam D, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy
  • Level: All
  • Related Expert Communities Marketing and Recruitment

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity and attract more and more listeners, including among younger people. This presents an exciting opportunity for universities to share interesting content in fresh ways – not just for stakeholder engagement in general but for marketing and recruitment in particular. Join this session to learn more about the landscape of university podcasts; what it takes to plan, produce and publish a podcast; and how your university’s recruitment can benefit from one.


  • Marketing and admissions
    • Marketing and recruitment
  • Leadership, strategy and policy
    • External stakeholder engagement


  • Gerrit Bruno Blöss,, Germany


  • Lothar Van Diessen, 
    University of Antwerp, Belgium
  • Stephanie Limuaco, 
    Royal College of Art, United Kingdom