Session VIRT13

What makes students happy? A global deep dive

The number of international students worldwide has rapidly increased in the past two decades and this growth will continue. Understanding what makes students happy is essential: it affects their well-being, mental health and thus study progression. We will combine a large global data set with the experiences of a European and a Canadian institution to dive deep and gain an understanding of students’ happiness and the impact on recommendations to prospective students.

This session will be available to watch on-demand and will be broadcast during the virtual programme on Friday, 29 September at 14:00 CEST. 


  • Marketing and admissions
    • Marketing and recruitment
  • Student and alumni services
    • Student mental health support


  • Nannette Ripmeester, 
    Expertise in Labour Mobility / i-graduate, Netherlands


  • Kellie McMullin, 
    Nova Scotia Community College, Canada
  • Eeva Liinamo-Liukku, 
    Aalto University, Finland