Session VIRT07

Preparing students for their studies abroad: How onboarding can improve their motivation and experience

A growing number of students are planning for a mobility experience abroad but cancelling before departure. Onboarding is a tool to retain students and manage expectations. This session presents different approaches to onboarding international students, looking at challenges and important learnings. You will be invited to engage with best practices and discuss why this subject is continuously relevant in the light of student well-being and retention.

This session will be available to watch on-demand and will be broadcast during the virtual programme on Thursday, 28 September at 10:00 CEST. 


  • Student and staff mobility
    • Student exchange and study abroad


  • Cæcilie Pipper Riinbæk, 
    University of Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Paulette Greisner, 
    University of California Education Abroad Program, USA