Session 03.18

What's new in Hong Kong

  • Wednesday 27 Sept
  • Dock 12, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy

Join this session for a comprehensive overview of the higher education scene in Hong Kong. The panellists will discuss the strengths and challenges of higher education in Hong Kong, exploring the key factors that have contributed to its success. They will delve into the importance of investing in innovation, learning and research and how innovation can shape the future of higher education in Hong Kong. Additionally, they will take a closer look at cross-disciplinary learning and research, which encourage new ideas and progress. This examination will be aimed at generating practical concepts on how to advance higher education.


  • Partnerships


  • Ian Holliday, 
    The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Albert Chau, 
    Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • Ben Young, 
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong