Session 04.1

Ignite: New perspectives, trends and lessons learned when studying abroad

Is the opportunity of studying abroad available to all students? Can studying abroad prevent wars from happening? How can we help students and researchers in the face of armed conflict? All these questions and more will be covered in a quick-fire presentation format called Ignite, where the presenters have 20 slides to cover in their five-minute allotted time, followed by audience questions.


  • Student and staff mobility


  • Esko Koponen, 
    University of Helsinki, Finland


  • Harri Suominen, 
    Asia Exchange, Finland
  • Anna Sadecka, 
    University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Vicki Welchman, 
    University of York, United Kingdom
  • AlizĂ©e Cordes, 
    Teesside University, United Kingdom
  • Ruth Verweijen, 
    Central European University, Austria