Session 01.03

Share and learn: doctoral students in international higher education (pre-apply)

  • Tuesday 26 Sept
  • Dock 10A, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Related Expert Communities Internationalisation at Home

This session requires a special application process and is only open to registered conference participants. It is for individuals who are currently enrolled in (or applying to) a doctoral programme and are undertaking research on internationalisation. What are you really researching and who or what will benefit from this work? The session is specifically aimed at helping you break down the complexity of the research you are undertaking and develop insight into how to effectively express its value and relevance to others. The opportunity to network with peers and experienced scholar-practitioners is an added bonus!

Submit the special application to this session by 14 August.


  • Relevant to all


  • Laura Rumbley, 
    EAIE, Netherlands
  • Fiona Hunter, 
    Centre for Internationalisation of Higher Education (CHEI), Italy
  • Christopher Ziguras, 
    University of Melbourne, Australia