Poster 327

Capturing inspiring practices from the Global South through Edushare: A new way to internationalise the curriculum

  • Thursday 28 Sept
  • Level 2, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy

The non-governmental organisation VVOB and the teacher training department of Vives University of Applied Sciences in Flanders have been aiming to decolonise the curriculum while stimulating Internationalisation at Home. This poster presents our Edushare flow tool for students who have completed a teacher training internship in the Global South. Edushare offers an online guide to help capture inspiring practices they encountered during their internship, so they can implement these in their curriculum.


  • Social responsibility
    • Post-colonialism and decolonisation
  • Student and staff mobility
    • Internships, traineeships and work placements


  • Steffi Vermeire, 
    VVOB, Belgium