Workshop 04

Decolonising North–South mobility: From theory to practice

  • Tuesday 26 Sept
  • Port 1A, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy
  • Level: Intermediate
  • €319 (€419 for non-members)

European higher education institutions still struggle to make North–South mobility programmes truly reciprocal for their Global South partners. Despite promises on decolonisation, practice remains colonial: asymmetrical power relations persist, often still entrenched in an aid and superiority logic with adverse effects on development processes. This workshop will propose clear policy recommendations and provide content and structure with regards to pre-departure training and debriefing.


At the end of this workshop,you’ll be able to:

  • consider colonial history, prejudices, stereotypes and power relations in setting up North–South partnerships;
  • apply ethical principles to decolonise such partnerships;
  • use best practices in organising pre-departure training and debriefing.

This workshop is targeted at staff members who work in the international office in higher education institutions, teachers and academics who guide and supervise students’ internships and research tasks, and finally, policymakers in HEIs.


  • Social responsibility
    • Post-colonialism and decolonisation
  • Partnerships
    • Mobility agreements


  • Sebastian Van Hoeck, 
    Intercultural consulting, Belgium
  • To be confirmed |