Session VIRT08

Mental health needs in uncertain times: Assisting international students

Have you noticed an uptick in mental health needs over the past year and during the pandemic? How can university staff and faculty help to triage and provide assistance to international students? This session will look at mental health trends during the past few years and provide tips for staff.

This session will be available to watch on-demand and will be broadcast during the virtual programme on Thursday, 28 September at 11:00 CEST. 


  • Student and alumni services
    • Student mental health support


  • Ying-Sing (Cynthia) Lai, 
    University of San Francisco, USA


  • Bibiane Freunberger-Rendl, 
    Leiterin der Psychologischen Studierendenberatung Salzburg, Austria
  • Ying-Sing (Cynthia) Lai, 
    University of San Francisco, USA