Session 03.2

Campfire: Connecting currents: Exploring big ideas and innovative practices through the 2023 EAIE Conference Conversation Starter!

  • Wednesday 27 Sept
  • Campfire Pod 01, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy

International education today connects many different and fast-moving currents. To make sense of these dynamics, the 2023 EAIE Conference Conversation Starter showcases a diverse range of perspectives on what ‘connecting currents’ means, whether we’re considering the links between communities, concepts, generations or even isolated islands in the sea. Join us for a lively and wide-ranging discussion with some of the publication’s authors and your fellow conference goers on ‘connecting currents’!


  • Social responsibility


  • Jody Hoekstra-Selten, 
    EAIE, Netherlands


  • Leolyn Jackson, 
    Central University of Technology, South Africa
  • Ariane de Gayardon, 
    Center for Higher Education Policy Studies, University of Twente, Netherlands