Session 02.1

Digitalising the student journey: A European perspective

Students expect universities to provide the digital tools to facilitate a smooth journey through education and life, but at the moment we offer them a bumpy ride. What steps is the European Commission taking towards a European digital education area? How can we collaborate in the European Digital Education Hub to improve the situation? How can we implement interoperable solutions that fit European plans for the coming years? Join us in this session for the interoperability revolution!


  • European-funded programmes
    • Erasmus+
  • Student and staff mobility
    • Student exchange and study abroad


  • Rasmus Benke-Aberg, 
    Stifterverband, Germany


  • Evelien Renders, 
    SURF, Netherlands
  • Yann-MaĆ«l Bideau, 
    European Commission DG Education and Culture, Belgium