Poster 213

Remapping international partnerships: Towards a more balanced landscape

  • Thursday 28 Sept
  • Poster area, Level 1, Rotterdam Ahoy

Partnership maps are produced by universities to visualise their global reach. This poster looks at what they convey (intentionally and unintentionally), how we can make better ones and how we can rebalance the landscape they describe. Though they are seemingly benign and straightforward, many resonate with colonial imagery, while their globe-spanning implications mask the uneven landscape of institutional types, nations, fields and students who actually get to participate in partnerships.


  • Partnerships
    • Strategic partnerships
  • Social responsibility
    • Post-colonialism and decolonisation


  • Susan Buck Sutton, 
    Institute of International Education, USA
  • Samia Chasi, 
    International Education Association of South Africa, South Africa