Session 02.03

Cooperation for Development presents: Global perspectives: the next generation of scholars from the global south

This session offers a dialogue with three students from different countries in the Global South currently studying in different fields at higher education institutions in the Netherlands. These students are the future colleagues/partners from the Global South in the field of global cooperation for development. How do they perceive current challenges in their particular area of study? How do they perceive more generally the big global challenges of our time, and howcan these be addressed? Participants are offered the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the future generation of global knowledge workers.


  • Social responsibility


  • Han Aarts, 
    Maastricht University, Netherlands
  • Marleen van der Kooij, 
    Platform for International Education (PIE), Netherlands


  • Carlos Altamirano, 
    IHS Rotterdam, Costa Rica
  • Victoria Manya, 
    ISS Den Haag + Africa Study Centre, Nigeria
  • Anna Chadarevian, 
    IHE Delft, Lebanon
  • Nikita Purty, 
    IHE Delft, India