Session 03.03

Inclusion and Diversity presents: Walking the talk of inclusion and diversity in higher education

  • Wednesday 27 Sept
  • Rotterdam C, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy
  • Related Expert Communities Inclusion and Diversity

Higher education embraces 'diversity, equity, inclusion,' with 'access' and 'belonging.' Yet, they're complex, linked to power dynamics and oppression. Superficial treatment won't suffice. Genuine dialogues are needed, challenging hierarchies and systemic change. Thus, one cannot ‘walk the talk’ without taking sincere actions and making those an integral part of internationalisation. To prioritise wellbeing and solidarity, policies beyond tokenism and numerical representation are needed. All involved in education should participate. In this session, participants engage holistically through multisensory experiences, learning, discussions, and visualisations. Together, they'll strive to 'walk the talk' in a safe environment.


  • Social responsibility


  • Peter Kerrigan, 
    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), USA


  • Riitta Kataja, 
    University of Oulu, Oulu Business School & Faculty of Humanities, Finland
  • Stella Saliari, 
    Independent consultant, Netherlands
  • Andrew Gordon, 
    Diversity Abroad, Spain