Session 03.12

Why conversion is a cocktail and direct causality a fairy tale: The conversion cocktail de-mixed!

  • Wednesday 27 Sept
  • Dock 10B, Level 2, Rotterdam Ahoy
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Related Expert Communities Marketing and Recruitment

This fun and interactive session comes with free cocktails or mocktails for anyone joining. Why? Because as marketeers and recruiters we often seem to seek something unrealistic – direct causality in student conversion – whereas in reality a deeper understanding of the student journey and decision-making process clearly highlights a cocktail of factors. But what ingredients go in and should go in, and which combinations of factors make a glass overflow? The conversion cocktail de-mixed!


  • Marketing and admissions
    • Marketing and recruitment


  • Cornelis den Hartog, 
    Goin', Netherlands


  • Mats Engblom, 
    University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Declan Coogan, 
    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland