Session 10.09

One Europe, one mobile solution: Turning the European Student Card vision into reality

The European Student Card Initiative presents a vision of an interoperable card for students that should simplify short-term and long-term mobility. The EUGLOH European Universities Initiative alliance is implementing a digitalised Campus Pass ecosystem within wallet apps on smartphones to fulfil this vision. In this session, we will showcase the issuing process, the use of Campus Passes and the benefits for students, staff, institutions and service providers.


  • European-funded programmes
    • Erasmus+
  • Student and staff mobility
    • Mobility service providers


  • Kristina Miolin, 
    Lund University, Sweden


  • Alexander Loechel, 
    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany
  • José Filipe Alves, 
    Universidade do Porto, Portugal