Session 02.06

The hero’s journey, or how to implement a successful Internationalisation at Home strategy

Implementing an Internationalisation at Home strategy is a great challenge for the whole university community. Based on Campbell’s theory of the ‘hero’s journey’, this session will discover the parallels between traditional stories and change management, connecting the different stages, scenarios and characters. We will present geographically diverse perspectives, connecting cultures with a common purpose: to make the internationalisation of our institutions a true success story.


  • Teaching, learning and curriculum
    • Internationalisation at home
  • Leadership, strategy and policy
    • Internal stakeholder engagement


  • Alfonso Díaz Segura, 
    Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU, Spain


  • Brenda Ivonne García Portillo, 
    Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
  • Keiko Ikeda, 
    Kansai University, Japan