Travel green to Rotterdam

Rotterdam is an international travel hub and part of a well-connected network of railways. Plane travel has a significant and undeniable climate impact. Even though sometimes it is the only option for participants to join from overseas, there are greener ways to reach Rotterdam, especially from other European countries. This year, we are collaborating with CANIE to share tips and resources on how you can reduce your carbon footprint or join an EAIE train convoy with Go2RAIL. Below you will find some steps you can take to contribute.

1. Calculate your carbon emissions

  • Atmosfair - calculate your flight emissions
  • Go2RAIL - plan ahead and travel together with fellow participants who are departing from your city
  • Eurail - explore Europe's railway map and the connections you can take all in one interactive map
  • Happy Rail - book your train journey with this cross-country trip planner
  • Eco passenger - compare your energy consumption, CO2 emissions of planes, cars and trains

If you still have to take a plane...
For some participants it is inevitable to take the plane, however, there are some things you can do to reduce your carbon emissions. Firstly, choose an airline with the lowest carbon footprint and book economy class as opposed to business or first class. Consider travelling light with a carry-on suitcase and packing a capsule wardrobe along with plastic-free toiletries. Lastly, go paperless for boarding and use a digital boarding pass to reduce waste. 

2. Reduce your carbon footprint in Rotterdam

Free travel card


Sponsored by EduCanada, participants will receive a free travel card they can use to get around the city.

Get moving


The most enjoyable and sustainable way to get around and explore Rotterdam is on foot or by bike. You can also go Dutch and rent a bike.

Refill your bottle


Tap water is drinkable, and in the city as well as throughout the venue, there will be water stations where you can refill your bottle.

Go digital


Use the virtual event platform for browsing the conference programme and building your itinerary.

Recycle and reuse


At the end of the event, drop your conference materials in the recycling and waste disposal bins provided at the venue.

Minimise your waste


Minimise waste by using plastic-free toiletries, reusable containers and a reusable shopping bags.

Spread the word 

The most effective way to change minds is by championing the steps you and others are taking to fight climate change and be more sustainable. We encourage everyone to use #EAIEgreengoals to share their sustainability journey leading up to and at EAIE Rotterdam 2023. Here’s what you can do: 

  • Start the conversation: if you are attending EAIE Rotterdam 2023 with a group of colleagues, plan your travel together and, where possible, plan to take the train.  
  • Sharing is caring: if you see the EAIE post an #EAIEgreengoals social media post, share it and like it or use it to show off your own sustainable choices before and during the conference  
  • On the road to #EAIE2023: share your journey to Rotterdam via social media and tag the EAIE and #TravelwithCANIE. If you are taking the train, you can pick up your digital badge at the EAIE Stand. 

Our collaborations


The EAIE is collaborating with CANIE (Climate Action Network of International Educators) and their #TravelwithCANIE movement to ensure all participants are well-informed about sustainable travel before planning their trip. CANIE is a grassroots initiative that aims to help our sector reduce emissions while raising awareness around the intersection between climate change and international education. Together we aim to motivate the community to be change agents and commit to sustainable travel.  


This year, the EAIE and CANIE partnered up with Go2RAIL to offer participants the opportunity to join an EAIE train convoy on their journey to Rotterdam. Go2RAIL is a non-profit organisation that aims to fight climate change by promoting trains as a fun, shared, and affordable travel choice. Participants can join a convoy by connecting and making plans with others who are travelling to Rotterdam on the same route. Select your departure city, fill in the form, and Go2RAIL will connect you to your fellow green travellers.