Journal of Studies in International Education

This scholarly journal brings together the latest research, case studies and book reviews in the field of internationalisation of higher education. It is a medium for provocative ideas that challenge readers to consider how international education interacts with an increasingly transnational world.

How to contribute

The Journal is a scholarly publication. If you have written an academic paper, you can submit it for peer-review through the Sage Publications system (find out how here). Some of the topics covered are:

  • Globalisation and international higher education
  • International cooperation in higher education
  • National and transnational policies for internationalisation in higher education
  • Strategic institutional management of internationalisation
  • International exchange programmes
  • Internationalisation of teaching, learning and research
  • Internationalisation of the Curriculum
  • Study Abroad
  • Mobility of students and academic staff
  • Cooperation and competition

How to subscribe

EAIE members can subscribe to the quarterly electronic version of the Journal for a special price of €10 per year. Please contact the EAIE Office to arrange your subscription. 
Not an EAIE member? Visit Sage Publications to subscribe at the normal retail price.