English-taught bachelor’s programmes

  • Research and trends
  • Publication date
    September 2017
  • Topics
    • Learning, teaching & curriculum

International higher education continues to change with the times: students have more options to study abroad than ever before, new regions and institutions are becoming stronger in providing world-class international degrees and digital learning methods are challenging the traditional views on higher education. As European higher education institutions become more strategic with their international offerings trends emerge, such as the recent proliferation of English-taught bachelor’s programmes (ETBs).

This is the first study to investigate whether ETBs are undergoing a similar trajectory to that of English-taught master’s programmes and are enhancing internationalisation. Using quantitative data from StudyPortals and qualitative interviews conducted by the EAIE, this report provides a first overview of the emergence and growth of ETBs in Europe in addition to exploring the benefits, challenges and impact of these programmes on the institutional and national level.

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