Pathways to practice: Implementing Internationalisation at Home for international officers

  • Pathways to practice
  • Publication date
    April 2021
  • Topics
    • Leadership & strategy

The EAIE’s e-publication series Pathways to practice offers practical and easily implementable ideas for international educators. This volume focuses on what international officers can do when tasked with implementing Internationalisation at Home in their institutions. Follow authors Elisabeth Brunner-Sobanski, Eva Haug, Eveke de Louw and Tanja Reiffenrath’s recipe for success to find your pathway to better practice.


03      Topic in context
05      What problem does it solve?
06      Who should be involved?
07      What does success look like?
08      Terminology
09      Key steps in the process
13      Don't forget
14      Take-aways
15      Further reading
16      About the authors

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