Strategic Partnerships and Thematic Networks

  • Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook
  • Publication date
    July 2015
  • Topics
    • Partnerships and networks

Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook, issue 2, 2015

The contribution provides a brief overview of internationalisation trends and activities, particularly reflecting on the background of such cases in Germany. An increasing range of activities is mentioned in relation to the internationalisation of higher education, one of the recent ones being strategic partnerships and networks. The new DAAD-Programme 'Strategic Partnerships and Thematic Networks' provides a noteworthy example of such activities. The contribution is based on information from the DAAD and the results of the formative evaluation project carried out by INCHER-Kassel.

This article was published in Issue 2, 2015 of the Internationalisation of Higher Education, an EAIE Handbook. From 2011–2015, the EAIE was the Editor of Internationalisation of Higher Education Handbook, published by Raabe Academic Publishers (Berlin). The EAIE holds joint copyright of all 2015 articles with DUZ Verlags- und Medienhaus GmbH.

— Author: Yasemin Kooij

Table of contents

1. Introduction 88
2. Strategic Partnerships and Thematic Networks: concept and goals 89
3. Strategic Partnerships and Thematic Networks: Projects 91
4. Some essentials for a successful international cooperation 97
5. Challenges & Opportunities 100
6. Conclusion 102
7. Annex 103

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