2023 Winter Forum: Across disciplines, across boundaries

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    December 2023
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    • Learning, teaching & curriculum


The work of international higher education is trending in a myriad of ways towards crossing boundaries, and not just in the familiar sense of international travel. This issue of Forum explores how interdisciplinary research and study which crosses disciplinary boundaries align with educational initiatives which cross national borders.


04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Living outside the lines – Ana Beaven
Living labs as breeding grounds for interdisciplinary activity

9 Blending perspectives to solve global challenge – Petra Hogendoorn-Schweighofer & Nynke Moens
Breaking down barriers with blended intensive programmes

12 An interdisciplinary approach to holistic healthcare – Alícia Orta-Ramirez & Lluís Costa Tutusaus
Drawing on diverse disciplines and cultures for healthcare education

15 Reconstituting the role of law – Dorit Modersitzki & Julia Türtscher
A fellowship programme drawing together diverse thinkers and doers

18 In conversation with Georgina Born – Jacob Gibbons
A Professor of Anthropology and Music on the intersections of interdisciplinarity and internationalisation

22 Transcending disciplinary boundaries – Roderick J. Lawrence
A primer on transdisciplinarity

25 EAIE Community spotlight: 2023 Award winners
Meet the winners of the 2023 EAIE Awards

26 Allying for sustainability education – Marjanneke J. Vijge, Silvia Gallagher, Jake Byrne, Unnikrishnan Britjita Madhavan & Julia Tschersich
The innovative approach of the CHARM-EU alliance

30 Cross-boundary collaboration with COIL – Simone Hackett & Piet Van Hove
Cooperating across disciplinary cultures

33 Blog spot

34 Rotterdam in retrospect
A look back at the highlights of #EAIE2023

38 En route to Toulouse, Occitania
A preview of La Ville Rose and the surrounding region

43 Calendar of events

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