2022 Summer Forum: Collaborative Europe

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    June 2022
  • Topics
    • European-funded programmes
    • Partnerships and networks


Joint and collaborative programmes have become commonplace in international higher education, and since 2019, Europe has seen new forms of collaborative programmes established under the European Universities Initiative. Now considered to be one of the bedrocks of internationalisation in higher education, joint and collaborative programmes nevertheless raise important questions about collaboration at course level across borders: How widespread are such programmes, how popular are they with students, and are academic staff keen to participate in course development and delivery? Have institutions and their accrediting bodies found the right ways to award degrees across national jurisdictions? This issue of Forum addresses these and other questions, offering insights into the ways in which institutions are currently framing joint and collaborative programmes in their international strategies.


04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Current trends in joint programmes
A bird’s-eye view of collaboration in Europe

09 Joint doctorates: catalysts for collaboration
Forging strong connections at the doctoral level

12 The unique role of traditional networks
Cooperating outside and alongside the European Universities Initiative

15 Tailor-made networks
Universities of applied sciences in the new age of networking

18 Collaboration beyond the continent
Connecting across cultures and continents

20 In conversation with Irina Ferencz
The Director of the Academic Cooperation Association on the past, present and future of joint programmes

24 Co-creating a European university
An inclusive approach to the universities of tomorrow

27 European collaborative programmes: key terms
A short glossary of collaborative programmes

28 YUFE: giving students a seat at the table
A model for governing European University alliances

30 European degrees: a student perspective
A case study through the student lens

34 European universities: the latest litmus test
A new test in the long history of cooperation within Europe

36 Crossing boundaries for sustainable development
Working together across countries, institutions and disciplines

39 A European approach to quality assurance
Enabling the next phase of collaboration

42 EAIE blog spot

43 Calendar of events

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