2022 Spring Forum: Our changing climate

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    April 2022
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2022 Spring Forum


As our global climate continues to change, growing warmer and less hospitable to human habitation, it is not surprising that the climate of international education is changing with it. It is no longer enough to simply talk about ‘greening’ internationalisation or making our climate impact neutral; instead, we must ask how we can leverage sectoral strengths to work towards addressing these challenges. This issue of Forum investigates the possible paths toward sustainable internationalisation, highlighting the obstacles we face and sharing learning from examples of action already in practice.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Uniquely positioned to lead on climate action – Adrienne Fusek 
We have the power to curb emissions, so let’s rise to the occasion

09 Critical climate learning: striking the right balance – Michael Salmon 
Climate issues must be built into our study abroad offerings

12 The greening of Erasmus+ has only just begun – Helena Alves, Paola Di Marzo 
Time to shift the focus from student action to a more holistic approach

15 Climate change and environmental education in Europe: fast facts – Ipek Tekdemir, The EAIE
Environmentally-friendly agendas connected to education

16 The climate crisis calls for COIL – Susan Göldi, Barbara Miller, Nikolina Fuduric, Nathalie Amstutz 
Three virtual, climate-friendly international learning experiences

19 Sustainability through internationalisation – Jannicke Holmseth Bukve, Solveig Råheim Grønsdal, Torunn Stornes Kittelsen, Sami Andreas Patrikainen Skogstad, Marit Schulstad Wasa
It’s more than just carbon footprints and mobility

22 In conversation with Daniella Tilbury
A leader and changemaker in education for sustainable development

26 DECODE project: helping deans embed sustainability in universities – Anete Veidemane, Daniela Craciun 
Using the ‘middle-out’ approach to garner institution-wide commitment

30 Broadening access to environmental studies – Cara Skikne 
The need for better support and funding for distance and hybrid learning

32 A mountain to climb: climate-proofing our programmes – Sophie-Adelaide Magnier 
One institution reconciles sustainability with university objectives

34 Venice: an ancient city in search of a sustainable future – Elena Borsetto 
What can happen when a city and its university work together

36 Time to embrace the benefits of digital student recruitment – Sebastian Fernandes, Jack Townsend
Rethinking the impact of recruitment on our planet

39 Chinese students and carbon emissions: lessons from COVID-19 – Hong Yang 
China’s efforts to reduce student emissions after the pandemic

42 Achieving out climate goals: a strategic approach – Adinda van Gaalen, Pii-Tuulia Nikula 
Assessing the costs and benefits of our international activities

45 The Catalan university system: collective action towards sustainability – The Inter-University Council of Catalonia
Universities in Catalonia working together to tackle the climate crisis

49 EAIE blog spot

51 Calendar of events

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