2021 Winter Forum: Internationalisation for all

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    December 2021
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Being aware that there is no ’one size fits all’ approach to internationalisation in higher education, this edition of Forum seeks to shine a spotlight on distributed leadership approaches within international education. The collection of articles explores internationalisation activities that might otherwise remain hidden or go unacknowledged within an institution. In doing so, we have sought to understand whether the distributed nature of international education activity reinforces and amplifies successful internationalisation. 

Table of contents

04 Editorial  

05 Contributors 

06 Fresh perspectives and inclusive models – Vicky Lewis 
Time to challenge preconceived notions about internationalisation 

09 Internationalisation at home: a recipe for success – Samuil Angelov and Ineke Huyskens 
Building community around existing organisational structures 

12 Hidden curriculum and inclusive internationalisation  –Katarina Aškerc Zadravec, Alfonso diaz Segura, Eva Haug, Eveke de Louw and Tanja Reiffenrath 
The hidden messages in a student’s study experience 

15 Student-led Internationalisation at Home  – Eve Court 
For truly inclusive internationalisation, students can’t be left behind 

18 In conversation with Melanie Agnew   
Creator of the ‘Cultural Readiness for Internationalisation’ model 

22 Back educators to boost internationalisation for all  – Marloes Ambagts van Rooijen, Adinda van Gaalen, Simone Hackett and Suzan Kommers 
How to equip educators with the tools for success 

25 New leadership models for COIL  –  Laurie E. Jensen, Nina A. Juntereal, Sarah H. Kagan and Maria S. White 
Replicating an immersive exchange programme in a virtual context 

28 Increasing the visibility of IaH  – Juuso Loikkanen and Hanna Reinikainen 
Combining internationalisation courses under one umbrella 

30 Pathways from secondary schools  –  Maureen Manning 
Recruiting from secondary schools with international programmes 

33 Reshaping policy for inclusive internationalisation  –  Tasmeera Singh 
South Africa’s new framework facilitates future strategies 

37 EAIE blog spot 

39 Calendar of events 

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