2020 Winter Forum: Resilience in uncertain times

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    December 2020
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    • Leadership & strategy
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How resilient is internationalisation and the people and institutions it touches? The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is only the latest in a series of stress tests for international education in recent years. This issue of Forum seeks to highlight the many faces of resilience in internationalisation at the personal, programmatic and institutional levels, but also the many ways in which internationalisation itself, as a professional field and as an overarching trend in higher education, may need to show resilience in these uncertain times.  

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Resilience by design – Sabine Klahr & Harvey Charles
Building internationalisation into the blueprint of higher education

09 Choosing a culture of resilience – Frank Haber & Jessica Price
A psychological toolkit for coping with this crisis and the next one

12 Students helping students – Juan Rayón González
Putting intercultural understanding to work to support one another

16 The importance of global connections – Sancha Elevado, Andrew S. Horsfall, Sapna V. Thwaite, Renee Welch & Kelly Richmond Yates
A staff perspective on the pandemic

18 Opening up during the pandemic – Laurence Dupont
How closing a physical campus opened digital doors

20 Keeping refugees connected in a crisis – Grazia Ceschi & Mathieu Crettenand
Linking up with the most vulnerable among us

23 Life on the edge – Stephanie Doscher & Alex Rendón
Lessons learned from the constant threat of natural disaster

27 Pivoting after a crisis – María Eugenia Jiménez, Lorena Vieli & Paulina Latorre
The pandemic as a moment to reconsider our approach

31 South Africa: living laboratory of resilience – Samia Chasi & Orla Quinlan
COVID-19 as an accelerator of innovation

34 In conversation with María José Figueras Salvat – Jacob Gibbons
Personal and professional perspectives from one of the hardest-hit regions

38 Embracing a digital future – Nawazish Azim
Going digital is not the same as strategically enhancing the student experience

41 Magically transforming a transnational course – Leslie P. Hitch
Digitalisation on the fly

44 Virtual summers: the future of summer schools – Alexander Heinz & Nita Kapoor
Creating a sense of place in an online space

47 Two priorities for the rebuild – Ian H. Rowlands
How we can build back better

50 Gothenburg: a meeting place of the future
Get to know the host of the 2021 EAIE Conference

55 EAIE blog spot

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