2020 Spring Forum: Digitalisation

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    April 2020
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    • Leadership & strategy
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Digitalisation is affecting how we interact with each other, perform our daily tasks and ‘think big’ about the future, which poses opportunities as well as challenges for the internationalisation of higher education. The articles in this issue offer not only an investigation of the multi-faceted trend of digitalisation, but also a moment-in-time snapshot of how this trend is playing out in the context of COVID-19 and other global challenges. In light of the coronavirus and the timeliness of this topic, this issue of Forum has been made freely available to non-members as well as EAIE members.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Digital internationalisation: a look beneath the surface – Jon Rubin
Reflecting on the metaphors we use to discuss digitalisation

09 Decoding virtual mobility – Piet Van Hove
Collaborative Online International Learning: what it is, and what it's not

12 Teleconferencing in the digital age – Emma Barker & Kate Aldred
The tale of an undergraduate research conference gone high-tech

15 Embracing diversity with blended learning – Jörg-U. Kessler, Christoph Knoblauch & Nina Jäger
Brainstorming across borders yields new insights at home

18 Twenty-first century skills for staff – Cato Rolea
For technology to have an impact, we need to know how to use it

21 Digital credentials: easing the transition – Dragana Dilas
When academic records move easily across borders, so do students

24 In conversation with Dominic Orr – Jacob Gibbons
Researcher and tech whisperer Dominic Orr on our digital future

28 Data breaches: understanding the threat – Juanita Heigham
Decentralising and digitalising personal data has its dark side

31 The digital disconnect for disadvantaged students – Ceren Genc
For vulnerable students, tech can be a blessing or a curse

34 Leveraging technology for inclusive internationalisation – William Bonfiglio
For some groups of students, anonymity equals safety

37 Distance learning for the developing world – Marko Susimetsä & Seija Koskela
Digital tools are helping break down the urban-rural barrier in Nepal

40 Preparing students for a digital society – Sally Wyatt
A new Bachelor's programme prepares graduates for the digital age

43 EAIE blog spot

44 Catalan universities: fostering a new knowledge society – Francesc Xavier Grau Vidal
Catalonia's recipe for success: research and international collaboration

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